LUUG 38 – Unity 5 and Unity Ads

The 38th LUUG (London Unity User Group) meetup was held at the Thoughtworks offices in Soho – with Rose from the company giving a quick intro and explaining about how Thoughtworks are trying to get more into games/Unity (hence hosting the session).  Thanks for hosting us guys!

LUUG 38 at Thoughtworks

Next up was a brief Unity 5 overview, mainly to do with Pro vs Personal Edition.  It seemed like a good majority of attendees were already using the Pro version and are happy to stick with it – even though all the premium features are now available in the free version.

WebGL was briefly talked about, mostly to do with the slow export times (5 mins+) although this feature is still in beta and should improve over time.  The other issue was the file size of the exported files, but this can be compressed and stripped down to get the size to around 4Mb with some ruthless JS culling.

Oscar Clarke talked about Unity Ads next, using the Crossy Road game as a prime example of successful implementation.  I think the gist of getting it right is to allow the user to make the choice of if they want to watch a video ad or not, but also make it worth their while for doing so (and not too detrimental if they don’t).  It’s also important to balance this with not offering too much in return for watching ads – otherwise players will lose engagement with your game and are more likely to churn.


To follow on from the Crossy Road example, I found this good blog post on the Unity site about the game mechanic and business model… definitely worth a read.

Lastly we had some open mic sessions where a Greenwich 1st year student showcased a ‘2 player on one device’ cannon battle game, and another final year student from Green Light Games showed us a zombie 3rd person game called Gombies.  It sounds like these guys are recruiting for an animator/artist so get in touch if you’re interested.

It was off down the pub after that but unfortunately I couldn’t make it for that bit.  I think it was mentioned that next month’s LUUG will be at Space Ape which I’m assuming will revert back to Thursday. Also there’s a survey we can complete to help the LUUG organisers determine the most suitable time/day/location etc so please complete this and make LUUG even better!

See you all at the next one!